Students from United Arab Emirates University Visit Midfield Terminal Building at Abu Dhabi International Airport

02 Mar 2017 , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi Airports hosted a group of students from the United Arab Emirates University, at the Midfield Terminal construction site, in the first of a series of tours carried out at the new building being given to university students.

The group, who are all enrolled on an Engineering course at the university based in Al Ain, spent several hours touring the site. They were taken to various areas of the 742,000m2 structure, and provided with details on the construction of the terminal.


The Midfield Terminal Building is one of the key and most complex engineering projects in the Emirates.  One of its most impressive features from an architectural and engineering perspective is its central processor, the area at the heart of the building. The supporting structure for the roof of this central space consists of 18 inclined arches of varying heights, which gives the impression that the roof structure is floating above them. This complex roof design features the world’s longest indoor arch spanning 180m, and 52m in its highest point, with a weight of around 1000 metric tons. The whole roof weighs around 20,000 metric tons.


Abu Dhabi Airports’ Acting Chief Executive Officer Abdul Majeed Al Khoori commented: “The MTB is one of the most impressive infrastructure projects in the region at the moment. We are pleased that we are able to offer local Engineering students the chance to come and see first-hand this vast project in all its details. I hope that seeing our Midfield Terminal under construction will inspire these engineers of tomorrow to build even more impressive structures for our country in the future.”


Over the coming months students from other universities, colleges and educational institutions around the Emirates will be invited to tour the site.  


When complete, the MTB, along with the existing terminals at Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH), will serve the increasing number of passengers who fly through the UAE capital each year – a number expected to surpass 45 million within the next ten years.