VIP Terminal

The new VIP Terminal at Abu Dhabi International Airport offers convenience, efficiency and luxury in an exclusive environment, in line with Abu Dhabi Airports’ commitment to delivering tailor-made services to the highest standards.

 Abu Dhabi International Airport’s VIP terminal was officially opened in November 2014. Available to all interested travellers, the terminal is operated by National Aviation Services (NAS), an internationally recognised aviation services provider.
The new terminal, which is more than 900 square metres in size, offers convenience, efficiency and luxury in an exclusive environment. The VIP terminal underlines Abu Dhabi Airports’ commitment to offering a world-class travel experience to all passengers using Abu Dhabi International Airport as their destination of choice.

All passengers, regardless of their ticket class or destination and airline, can use the terminal by paying a pre-set fee.  The VIP terminal has its own exclusive facilities, which include:

  • A dedicated drop-off area accessed via a roadway built specifically to accommodate it

  • Mercedes Benz limousine services to ferry passengers between the terminal and aircraft

  • Separate immigration, police and baggage handling services.