Vendors Code of Conduct

ADAC Group maintains high ethical standards in its business activities and expects the same from its Vendors. Ethical compliance, means behaving ethically, complying with all applicable laws and regulations and conducting business with respect for principles of humanity and respect when dealing with both colleagues and external parties.

ADAC Group is committed to fostering positive relationships with Vendors and supporting their businesses in compliance with all standards and applicable laws, and expecting the same commitment from the Vendors to support our business and contribute positively.
This Vendor Code of Conduct document aims to protect the integrity of procurement process and to provide a statement governing the conduct of Vendors of ADAC Group. 

The Code sets the minimum expectations for Vendor conduct while participating in a tendering process or/and performing work for or on behalf of ADAC Group. Failure to adhere to the standards of this Code may reflect negatively on a Vendor’s relationship with the ADAC Group and future business interest.

For further information, questions or concerns about the Code, contact