Commercial Services

At Abu Dhabi Airports, we have designed an array of commercial opportunities to enhance the passenger experience at our airports. This is in keeping with our mission – to promote a culture of excellence and service quality.

The main commercial opportunities available at our airports fall in the following categories:

  • Retail and F&B concessions
  • Hospitality services
  • Advertising
  • Parking
  • Property management
  • Commercial Concessions

    Commercial Concessions

    Our commercial team is passionate about perfecting all aspects of the passenger journey at our airports, from beginning to end. The parking, airport lounges, retail and food & beverage options must be unique and diverse, attracting the finest concessionaires and thereby, passengers.

  • Hospitality


    True to the spirit of Arabian Hospitality, Abu Dhabi Duty Free provides a range of tailored services for our passengers arriving, transferring or departing from our airports.

  • Advertising


    Showcase your brand to the right audience. We offer a host of options to suit your company, including advertising sites and temporary promotional space. Find out about the opportunities for your brand and make an impact.

  • Property Management

    Property Management

    The Property Management Division was created to efficiently manage, develop and operate Abu Dhabi Airports’ real-estate portfolio. The portfolio contains Business-Logistics Parks, Business Centers, hanger facilities, Cargo facilities, Terminal facilities , meeting & conference facilities across Abu Dhabi International, Al Bateen Executive Airport and Al Ain International Airport. Furthermore, we also provide Free Zone incentives and services to business entities to help achieve an excellent customer experience by providing more than just an ideal location within Abu Dhabi Airport.

  • Car Parks & Transport

    Car Parks & Transport

    From a huge range of car parking choices to VIP valet services, private limousines and car hire, Abu Dhabi International Airport has all transport options covered.

  • Information Technology

    Information Technology

    Information Technology at Abu Dhabi Airports provides cost effective IT services with 24/7 coverage to airport tenants on a commercial basis. The department also operates a Tier-3 level data centre based out of Abu Dhabi International Airport.