Delma Airport

Delma Island Airport

Did you know?

Delma island: Serving the local communities

  • Delma Island is home to 6,000 people
  • The airport provides fundamental transportation to and from Abu Dhabi
  • The island is 45km2
  • Delma island has four schools
  • The flight time to Delma from Abu Dhabi is 45 minutes

Lying 250 kilometres south west of the capital and once a centre of pearl diving, Delma Island covers an area of 45 square kilometres.

Delma Airport plays a vital role in the development of the island, linking its local population of 6,000 to the UAE by providing residents with a convenient 45 minute flight connection to Abu Dhabi.

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Since 2006 Abu Dhabi Airports has been receiving numerous prestigious awards from prominent international and local organizations in acknowledgement of its operational excellence, as well as marketing, training and corporate responsibility initiatives.

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