Abu Dhabi Airports has established the Compliance Department, which is responsible for developing, maintaining, and monitoring the company’s compliance management framework. The Department, which covers Abu Dhabi Airports and its subsidiaries, aims to protect the company’s integrity and reputation.

At Abu Dhabi Airports, we are committed to creating the right environment, with the objective of embedding 'integrity-based compliance' within the company’s culture and advancing beyond 'rule-based compliance’.

Abu Dhabi Airports is committed to fostering positive relationships with its stakeholders and vendors, supporting their businesses in compliance with all standards and applicable laws. In return, we expect the same level of support for our business from them, in addition to their adherence to all applicable standards and laws.

Receiving feedback and addressing stakeholder and vendor concerns is an integral part of establishing a healthy working environment. Therefore, the Compliance Department has created a channel through which you may report or seek to address unethical activities or behaviors (

For Compliance Inquiries & Clarification:

Compliance Email:

  • Vendors Code of Conduct

    Vendors Code of Conduct

    Vendor Code of Conduct document aims to protect the integrity of procurement process and to provide a statement governing the conduct of Vendors of ADAC Group.

  • Conflict of Interest Declaration

    Conflict of Interest Declaration

    Any ADAC Group Vendor interested in conducting business with ADAC must complete the Vendor Conflict of Interest Declaration Form on its letterhead and return it to the Head of Contracts of ADAC.

  • Speak up

    Speak up

    The purpose of this is to provide a mechanism to encourage reporting of any concern relating to Fraud or Misconduct.