Conflict of Interest Declaration

Key Instructions and Information 

  • Any ADAC Group Vendor interested in conducting business with ADAC must complete this Vendor Conflict of Interest Declaration Form (Vendor Declaration) on its letterhead and return it to the Vice President Contracts of ADAC at and
    • a. upon submission of pre-qualification documents / bid / tender / proposal to ADAC, and/or prior to award / renewal / variation of a contract / task order /purchase order, or any other form of contractual arrangement.
    • b. every year, until the expiry of contract / task order / purchase order, or any other form of contractual arrangement.
    • c. ‘as and when’ a Conflict of Interest situation arises.
  • ADAC reserves the right - 
    • a. to request further self-declarations, certifications or supporting documents. 
    • b. to take any other reasonable action including termination of contractual arrangements if there are concerns, or the information provided herein is incorrect or incomplete.
  • If you have any doubt as to whether a Conflict of Interest situation exists, or you would like to make any disclosure relating to Conflict of Interest, gift, entertainment, etc., please contact the Head of Compliance and Assurance at, or 02-5053038.